Knotting with Roots

This collection from 2023 features circular forms grown by wheat roots in templates provided by me. Each root weaving has a unique composition, and some circles are interconnected. The colour palette is earthy alongside one prominent indigo-blue circle highlighted with white and orange root-like elements.

The textures within the circles are a mix of crochet, knotting, and wrapping to create a three-dimensional appearance. These textures are made by me in response to what I observed as the wheat plants grew in my moulds, but also the material root result at the end of the growth cycle.

This collection came from a deep interest in exploring the formidable sensorial connection plants have with their environment. In this reciprocal work process, I have to await what the plants deliver, and this lack of control is part of the interest of the making process. I wish to ‘stay with the trouble’ of making-with the plants.